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Tip of the Week: Convert to sRGB

It is a good idea to shoot and edit in the widest colorspace available.  Typically, this is Adobe RGB 1998.  If you set your camera to this color space, shoot in RAW, and have this as your default colorspace in Photoshop or Elements, it will give you the most possible color information in each shot.  However, when it comes time to output to print or web, Adobe RGB 1998 is too wide… your images will look flat and lifeless.  Or worse, the colors could shift. So…

For print:  When you are done editing your image, go to the Edit menu and select “Convert to Profile…” then select sRGB from the Destination Space popup.  Your prints will look much better.  Save this image as a copy (flatten it first) and append “_sRGB” to the filename so you remember what it is. 

For web/email:  In Photoshop CS4, when you select “Save for Web and Devices,” there is now a “Convert to sRGB” checkbox.  Make sure this is checked!

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Tip of the Week:Did you know…..

You hear a lot about the power of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR), but did you know you don’t have to shoot RAW to you use it? You can also open JPEG and TIFF files. Simply open Adobe Bridge, select the image you want to open in Adobe Camera RAW, then select “Open in Camera RAW…” from the file menu. (You can also press Ctrl-R in Windows or Cmd-R on a Mac.) You get all the non-destructive editing power of ACR, on your non-RAW images!

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October 2009 Calendar Announced

We have just released our exciting October 2009 Workshop Calendar, and have some great workshops you are sure to not want to miss.  We have a 4 week workshop on Creative Photography, and an exciting 2 day workshop on Off-Camera Flash along with the Nikon CLS system.  So check out the schedule, and don’t forget about all the hot workshops in September as well.