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HDR Images with HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software

I have been experimenting with Nik Software’s new HDR Efex Pro.  I am really liking the results and the ease of use in using this new software.  Nik has also incorporated the U-Point technology that is in many of their other programs, so making local adjustments instead of global adjustments is very easy.

If you are interested in purchasing the software, then head over to www.niksoftware .com and during checkout, put in the discount code of SCVPHOTOCENTER and receive a 15% discount on ALL Nik products.

Here are a few examples using the new HDR Efex Pro software:





Award Winning Images

The SCV Center for Photography had a very successful print competition at the Santa Clarita Photography Associations’ Fall event.  Karen Carll won a 3rd place for her Geber Daisy, Mel Carll won a 2nd place fro his HDR Pa louse Truck and 3rd place for his HDR Barber Shop.  Instructor David Green also had a 2nd place photo.  The big winner was instructor Ted Dayton who won Best in Show, Judge’s Choice and two 1st place images and a 2nd place.   We look forward to seeing you in the studio learning from our award winning instructors.

Palouse truck web